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– Make a difference to your life and the lives of others


– Have fun and meet new people


– Learn new skills and teach your skills to others


– Challenge yourself and develop professionally and personally


– Increase your confidence and self-esteem


– Gain practical work skills and explore career and job opportunities


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Volunteer Induction


Life took an unexpected turn for me when a work-related injury left me grappling with musculoskeletal issues, rendering me unable to continue my profession as a painter and decorator. Adding to the challenge, I’ve always battled dyslexia and struggled with memory retention, making traditional learning methods daunting and my self-confidence shaky. The prospect of integrating into social and personal activities seemed like a distant dream.

However, amidst these trials, a leading light of hope emerged in the form of the East Creek Community Centre (ECCC).

At the age of 55, I stumbled upon the ECCC, guided by my Centrelink manager who suggested their assistance in learning computer skills. Initially hesitant, I embarked on this journey with two free lessons, unsure if it was the right path for me. Yet a year later, grappling with feelings of depression and stagnation, I returned to the centre, seeking guidance in computer literacy and Microsoft Office proficiency.

Here I encountered Andreas, a Tech wizard and Sandra, an English teacher, who not only supported my learning, but ignited a newfound passion within me. Witnessing the transformative impact of the centre on individuals like me, I felt compelled to give back.

Volunteering part-time, I found solace in tending to the garden once nurtured by the late Elizabeth, whose legacy lives on in the vibrant blooms and cherished memories she left behind.

As I delved deeper into the offerings of the ECCC, I discovered a tapestry of activities tailored to diverse interests. Whether it was group walks, board games or the invaluable provision of free meals to those in need, the centre became a sanctuary of belonging and inclusivity.

Through this journey, I unearthed a profound truth: True enrichment lies not in how much one can learn but in the sense of community and connection fostered by places like ECCC.

Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on the opportunities and camaraderie afforded to me by this remarkable establishment.

To ECCC and its dedicated team, I extend my heartfelt appreciation. Thank you for embracing me into the ECCC family and illuminating a path of Hope, Growth and Belonging. 

Volunteer Gardener
Hi, I’m Anthony. I have been volunteering here at ECCC as an IT Authority for almost a year now. I have found it to be extremely rewarding. It has helped me to broaden my horizons. I have encountered and become good friends with a diverse group of people, whom I would not have normally mingled with.

I was just languishing at home and not socializing. I needed to get moving, stop the stagnation and become more mentally and physically active. The prospect of participating in any of my interests or hobbies and getting out more seemed like a distant dream.

My first few weeks involved playing cards on Tuesdays and being accepted by the Ladies of the Cuppa and Cards group. As with all volunteers I needed to build a level of trust and acceptance. I am happy and proud of the friendship I have developed with all these ladies.

I work with the resident IT Guru Andras, a true Tech genius. Apart from my main role as an IT Authority, I have been involved with Cuppa and Cards, Stroke Support Group, as well as helping with Chat and Do. I have also attained my First Aid and CPR certificate.

I offer my heartfelt thanks To ECCC’s passionate team of staff and volunteers, as well as all the regular visitors I have met so far. You have helped me open-up and been a great motivator. I have had people remark how much I have improved and become a happier, healthier person since I have been volunteering here.

Volunteer IT Authority