OPAP Services

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. 

I hope you all had a good break over the holidays. East Creek is now back in full swing, with all our usual activities being well attended by our regulars, and some new members enjoying what we have to offer.

We have had our first Eating with Friends (EWF) for the year at the Stock Hotel in Anzac Avenue. A cool climate, warm atmosphere, and tasty food, and of course catching up with friends over a good meal. Our next outing will be to the Downs Hotel in Drayton on the 7th of February, then the Park-house Café on the 21st. All EW events start at 12:00 at the venue. You are welcome to join us but please call Lee, on 0480 261 901, or call the
centre on 4639 2755, a couple of days before to ensure a seat at our table.

Over the break, we had our gardeners come in to do some work, (see picture below) though the rain has made the job a bit more difficult as the weeds are running riot. If anyone would like to give us a hand to remove some of the weeds, we would be most grateful. Morning tea will be provided.

The Toowoomba Art Society is holding an exhibition for a local man Mark Stevenson, who dabbles in drawing, paintings, and photography. The grand opening is on the 30th of January and will run until the 25th of February. Culliford House at the Eastern end of Godsall Street, Toowoomba is at the Northen side of Queens Park. Local parking is close and free entry to the exhibition makes it a good place to take the family. I look forward to seeing you all again soon and wish everyone a safe fun and fantastic month ahead.

Cheers, Lee

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To provide support to seniors by assisting them through social and personal development activities to promote confidence, self esteem and independence. Linking vulnerable older people to local services and social support networks. Raising awareness of the needs and issues of seniors whilst breaking down the barriers of those who are socially isolated.

OPAP Offers...

  • Broad, flexible, stimulating and strengthening program of activities.
  • Personal activity packages that are customised for client’s needs.
  • Assessment points to support the client towards independent management of their program.
  • Personalised introduction at client’s first activity appointments to lessen anxiety and increase retention.
  • Strengthening agencies work with older people.
  • Provide opportunities for trained volunteers to work within the OPAP program.
  • Community wide celebration of older people’s achievements and contributions.
  • To encourage and support Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and CALD older people to participate in the Program.

OPAP Activities

Social, recreational and educational activities are offered through East Creek Community Centre, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Community bus trips
  • Luncheons
  • Guest Speakers
  • Morning with the Stars
  • Walking group
  • Eating with Friends Program
  • Mah-Jong Group
  • Board Games Group

Cuppa and Cards Group (Playing Canasta and Rummikub)

Join our wonderful card ladies (and gents) as they meld Canastas in an attempt to reach 5000 points first. Now featuring the new tile number game, Rummikub as well. They play every Tuesday from 10 am through to 12 noon. We currently have two regular groups going, but are always on the lookout for more participants. No appointment needed, just drop by and see, or if you are a seasoned player, feel free to try playing a game. Sessions are $3.00 person / session.

Walking Group

Sometimes the simplest of activities can be the most effective when it comes to keeping both mind and body active. Remembering to keep them active is especially important as we age. That is the philosophy behind East Creek's very own Walking Group, a group welcome to all where participants take a brisk stroll to nearby (and occasionally, not so nearby) locations on Tuesday mornings at 8:45 am. Our like-minded walkers get to enjoy trips to local parks and landmarks, the occasional stop to nearby cafes and plenty of opportunities for socialisation. Come along and give it a go.

Eating with Friends

This OPAP initiative aims to minimise social isolation, bolster sustainable / long term friendships between participants and getting out-and-about town to discover the many eateries and locales on offer. Once a fortnight on a Wednesday, participants turn up and enjoy a good chat and a meal with one another at a predesignated local venue in (or sometimes, outside of) town. Travel assistance is available (subject to availability) on request to attend, so there has never been a better time at East Creek to partake in the 'Eating with Friends' program. Please call / email / drop in and see us to find out more.

Morning at the Movies

Since time immemorial, the pictures have been one of the 'go-to' places to have a good time with friends. East Creek believes this too, and as such, is able to offer a transport-assisted service (subject to availability) once a month on a Thursday to share a chic-flick or the latest heart-pounding action thriller at a discounted price at one of the local cinemas. Bookings are essential, as there are finite spaces, so please call ahead. Movies may also change subject to the screening cinema, the coordinator will give you a call a few days before the movie to confirm. The cost for this activity is $7.00 per person.

Morning with the Stars

Bringing entertainment, laughter and having an all-round great time is the idea behind this OPAP event. East Creek has partnered with the Toowoomba City Golf Club to be able to offer you tickets to a monthly show held in one of their award-winning function rooms once a month on a Thursday. Every month has a changing roster of entertainers, with opportunity to purchase a meal afterwards, and with support for transportation available (subject to availability), these events should not be missed. Don't forget to check out who the guest star is for the month in our OPAP Newsletter (available above), or it can be emailed to you or given personally when you drop by. Please book in quick, as there are a limited number of spots available. The cost for this activity is currently free, but may change at the discretion of Toowoomba City Golf Club.

Community Bus Trips / Luncheons

Every now and again, some amazing opportunity becomes available that East Creek thinks their members would find interest in, or gain a benefit out of. Whether it is a trip around the community gardens, movie afternoons, or a tour of the RACQ Careflight facilities, (which have all happened in the past), these activities occur occasionally throughout the year. There is no preset format or cost, so the availability and requirements of the activity varies from one to the next. The only way to know about these is to stay up to date with our OPAP Newsletter, or partake in an OPAP activity, so please pick up a newsletter or join a group if it interests you. East Creek also finds value in bringing awareness to, and celebrating days of great importance, such as Adult Learners Week, or Harmony Day. These events are often hosted by a guest speaker, and features a small luncheon, so feel free to join us for those days when you can.

Gardening Group

East Creek's gardens have an auspicious history, having been recognised for their splendour many times over in the Carnival of Flowers gardening competitions. This is a testament to the hard work of our gardening group volunteers. Gardening has often been viewed as one of the most therapeutic pastimes one could engage in, and with how happy our volunteers tend to be after their sessions, we certainly believe it's true 🙂
They cover all aspects of gardening from design, to establishing new plants, to the ongoing maintenance necessary to keep it one of the most eye-catching displays on Kitchener Street. Currently, the gardening group meets on Tuesday and Friday mornings, from 10:00 am - 12:00 noon to work their magic. There is no cost to this activity, so if you fancy yourself having a green thumb, please get in touch and see how you can be part of it.

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