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East Creek has had feedback opportunities available at the Centre since its inception, but with the COVID pandemic, the ever-increasing reach of the internet and the increasing trend for digital options, the need for digital feedback options has increased as well. We have chosen to make more comprehensive feedback opportunities available through our website (more in-depth than the standard ‘Contact Us’ form), so our participants can make their voice heard anytime, anywhere. Feedback you submit here is strictly confidential and will only be read by staff and committee members directly involved with your feedback or those participating in general feedback evaluation and response procedures.

We encourage you to feel confident in speaking openly and critically without fear of judgment or retribution. You may choose to remain anonymous if you so desire, and if you do not wish to be contacted about your responses, you may select an option for that as well.

If you are providing feedback in relation to a grievance or are requesting dispute resolution, please be advised that we will attempt to resolve all disputes internally through our staff and management committee. Failing those processes, you will have to contact the following organisations for further arbitration / dispute resolution.
– ACAT (or an applicable administrative tribunal)
– The industry specific Ombudsman (you can find at this link –
– State dispute resolution services (you can find at this link –
– Any additional applicable organisation

Thank you for contributing to the future of East Creek Community Centre 🙂

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