About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

East Creek Community Centre (‘East Creek’ or ‘the Centre’) came into being in the 1980s as an initiative by the Queensland Government, when it was identified that there was a need for an entity that provides people a safe / judgment free haven to express themselves, bring a purpose and be part of a community to those who have become socially isolated. To minimise the negative influence of social isolation, promote inclusivity and the benefits of participating in civic / communal life, they established a small Neighbourhood Centre in Hume Street under the name of East Creek Neighbourhood Centre . Since then, East Creek has undergone many changes (incorporation, permanently relocating to our Kitchener Street premises, broadening of services with the inclusion of the Older Persons Action Program,  and much more), and now provides services aimed at meeting the ever-changing needs of all members of the community. 

We operate social groups, encourage and promote the development of sustainable friendships and ventures, have opportunities for personal development in a multitude of areas, and undertake advocacy and liasing with the Department of Communities / Queensland Council of Social Services on the latest social issues. As at 2018, we have over 1500+ attendees (including repeat attendances) per quarter partake in some sort of activity or service, with approximately 200 unique individuals, so we are able to accommodate a sizable number of people without our diverse array of activities. We are partnered with a wide number of organisations in and around Toowoomba to ensure that for those with very specific needs, or needs outside the bounds of East Creek, that they are adequately referred and advocated for. We continue to alter and introduce new activities to meet the needs of the community, and welcome feedback and input from all stakeholders in the operation of our activities and sessions at all levels of hierarchy.

Going forward, we hope to stay true to the values that have made East Creek such a respected and relevant part of the community, to continue to serve and support those in need, and to continue to increase the services available to the community to promote a positive and socially inclusive lifestyle.

The East Creek Ethos

Like most organisations, East Creek has a purpose for existing that is outlined in our mission statement. This statement underpins every action we undertake, and goes on to provide guidance and direction to all decisions made by our Management Committee, our staff and our volunteers. We feel it is important for our clients and stakeholders to know and have that transparency with us, so that they can feel welcomed and have an understanding and expectation of how they will be treated and how staff and volunteers will address their needs.

The following statement acts as East Creek’s objective statement is:

‘To foster community involvement within a supportive atmosphere which encourages social and personal development.’

In addition, East Creek is guided by a vision statement that outlines where we wish to be in the future in terms of our service delivery. That statement is:

To be recognised as a service that expands it focus to meet the changing needs of the community.’

To achieve the goals outlined in these statements, East Creek has a series of values and beliefs that their staff, volunteers and clients are expected to uphold to ensure that all who attend feel valued, have a say in what happens at the Centre and feel supported in meeting their personal and / or communal goals. The following are the values that East Creek aims to uphold.


We strive to provide a friendly place in the community where people feel welcome.


We use our resources to provide low/no cost services to existing and potential customers.


We value and respect those with whom we work and those who access our service.


We strive to continually improve a service that best helps consumers to meet their own needs.


We support people in the community to best meet their own needs.


We provide a flexible service based on identified needs.

If you wish to download a PDF version / print a printer friendly version of the Centre’s Mission / Vision / Values Statements, then please click here.

Cultural Guidance Statement

East creek also recognises the traditional owners of the land on which we are based, the Giabal and Jarowair peoples, their elders, peoples and traditions of the past, present and future. East Creek supports the ideals of cultural sensitivity and inclusion endorsed by the Greater Downs Local Level Alliance. If you wish to see our cultural guidance statement, please click here to download a PDF version / print a printer friendly version of our cultural guidance statement. 


Our Staff

Centre Manager

Oversees all facets of Centre Operations, responsible for volunteer intake, oversees employees, key stakeholder in conflict resolution and supports the Management Committee and overall development, direction and activities operating under the East Creek name.

Administration Officer

Handles all paperwork, finances and official / legal requirements of the Centre.

Older Persons Action Program (OPAP) Coordinator

Operates all activities in relation to the OPAP program.

IT Coordinator

Ensures that all IT infrastructure operates smoothly, oversees computer lessons and the tutors involved in its operation.

Community Literacy Program (CLP) Coordinator

Runs the CLP Program and manages client intake and tutor intake.

The Management Committee 

Overseas the governance and compliance of East Creek, executes high-level decision making and ensures that East Creek continues to deliver on its service requirements.

Business Model

East Creek has a number of documents available for viewing that details the way in which our Centre operates. Please take a look as required, more will be available as the need arises.

Please note that East Creek Community Centre also has tax deductible status. Please consult the Centre for specifics and the form needed to be filled out for a tax deductible donation.

Please note that East Creek’s business model is not independent of professional organisations, associations and memberships. East Creek is a member of the following associations;

  • Queensland Families and Communities Associations (QFCA)
  • Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS)
  • Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA) 
  • Queensland Government
  • Department of Communities
  • Be Connected

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