Welcome to East Creek Community Centre

East Creek Community Centre is a catalyst for community development.
Our dedicated paid staff and volunteers have provided services, support, advice, advocacy and professional development for over 30 years.
We work with community groups and individuals throughout Toowoomba.
East Creek’s programs are for everyone – children, adolescents, young adults, seniors, people with disabilities, multicultural groups and those who are socially isolated.
We encourage all members of the community to participate.

Please refer back to this page regularly for any major updates / public service announcements. You will find any such announcements directly under this heading.

——— Updates / Public Service Announcements ———

COVID Outbreak Alert (17th June 2022 onwards)

To all individuals attending East Creek Community Centre, it has come to our attention that a nasty outbreak of COVID has run rampant at the Centre in recent weeks, affecting key staff, volunteers and service users. The Centre will continue to operate in a restricted manner, with many activities being either cancelled or requiring increased precautions until further notice. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will keep all informed via this website, Facebook and individual text messages to users likely to be effected. We encourage all individuals who have been at the Centre from 17th June 2022 onwards to undergo regular testing, minimise any unnecessary contact with other individuals and to follow all government protocols. Should yiou need further information on the pandemic, please visit the folllowing link (https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19) or consult the official Coronvairus App. Should you need to contact the Centre, please contact the Centre on their respective mobile numbers, by email or use the webform below. Staff are able to access these remotely and can offer assistance where necessary. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenince this causes, and please watch this space for more information as it develops.

Notice Regarding OzHarvest (May 2022)

To all service users who receive OzHarvest food support on a Wednesday or a Friday from East Creek, please be advised of the following rules taking effect from May 2022.

– In the interest of ensuring fairness for all recipients of OzHarvest, and given the overwhelming need in the community, we are limiting all individuals to no more than 1 collection per household, and request that recipients only come either on the Wednesday or the Friday, but not both days. 
– We are requesting that all children who are in attendance when OzHarvest deliveries arrive, do not take directly from OzHarvest deliveries. Instead, we request that they pass on a request to a responsible adult to take any particular goods for them in their place.
– If a recipient is taking goods for multiple individuals / families, you are to notify the Centre Coordinator or a member of staff and request permission before before taking multiple bags / increased amount of goods from OzHarvest.
– We ask that all recipients bring their own bags to place any OzHarvest goods into. The Centre does have some bags available, but due to limited resources, we may not be able to provide bags in all instances. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you carry your own bags with you. If you wish to donate any unused bags of your own to the Centre, we are grateful for anything members of the communtiy are able to offer. 
– Delivery times for OzHarvest are an approximation only. The Centre is unable to guarantee exact arrival times due to factors outside of our control, and therefore, we request recipients to be patient and understanding of any delays / cancelled deliveries.
– Similarly, the content of deliveries are decided by OzHarvest and not the Centre. Therefore, the Centre is unable to gurantee the aviailability of specific goods, and request our recipients to be open-minded about what is available. 
– If there are any concerns or qeuries, please direct them to a member of staff and they will do their best to assist you.

To make sure that we can continue to provide OzHarvest to individuals in a manner that maximises freedom of choice for our recipients, we ask all recipients to be considerate of others when receiving goods from OzHarvest. Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support of our community. 


NILS Loans (Early June 2021)

Please be advised that for enquiries pertaining to the No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS), East Creek is unable to commence or process any applications, as we have not been responsible for provision of NILS Loans since the conclusion of the Energy Savvy Program in December 2019. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. We can, however, assist with form filling and Justice of the Peace services as part of the process once the application has been commenced at a current NILS provider, like the St Vincent de Paul Society. Please contact them on 1800 846 643 for should you wish to commence a NILS Loan request.  

A word from Sally…

See what our Centre Co-Ordinator has to say about the latest that’s been happening at East Creek, and take a look at our Quarterly Centre Newsletter (currently monthly due to COVID), and see what’s available. Come in and be a part of our many activities, learn more about the Centre, or just join us for a cuppa, it’s all possible at East Creek.


Message from Bea…

Stay up to date with developments from our Older Person’s Action Program (OPAP) Co-Ordinator Bea. From social groups to outings with friends, there’s sure to be something on offer to appease all eligible individuals.


Tales from the IT Corner

That stubborn computer / phone / tablet / technical thingamajig not behaving the way you want it to? Drop by the IT Corner, and have one of our skilled, friendly and patient volunteers take a look, fix, and / or teach you the in’s and out’s, no matter the issue. We run our affordable ($3.00 – $5.00 per session negotiable) one-on-one sessions that go at your own pace to make sure you’re never left behind, so give it a try.

Learn the Basics

For those just starting on their Computers / Smartphones / Tablets, we’ll go through all the basics like getting familiar with your device, using the Internet and Email, transferring Photos, using Skype etc. It can be a scary step, with the right support, commitment and dedictation, you can learn what you want quickly and easily. 

Security and Staying Safe Online

The more we become part of the online world, the more important it is to spot the dangers when on the Internet. Having appropriate Internet Security, knowing how spot scams / viruses, and taking adequate precautions when shopping and banking online can keep you safe from fraudsters looking to steal your information / credit card details / identity, so don’t leave it till it’s too late.

Microsoft Office

Learn how to make documents, spreadsheets and powerpoints to nail that presentation, resume / cover letter submission. Great for those looking to upskill themselves, tackle a new job, or just looking to write letters to friends and family.

Whatever else you have trouble with…

Our volunteers are open to the issues they tackle, regardless of how obscure. If at first they don’t succeed, they’ll return to their tech labs and figure it out by the next time you drop by. What’s more, they’re happy to go through it as many times as you need till you’ve finally achieved mastery. We’ve got volunteers available every day of the week at the moment, so give us a call to arrange a time today.

Spelling it out with the Community Literacy Program

Primarily aimed at adults and those of a non-English speaking background (but open to anyone with some English understanding), the Community Literacy Program (CLP) supports those who struggle with certain elements of English literacy and numeracy. These tailored sessions include one-on-one 1hr / week contact time with an experienced tutor that focuses on your area of need. Call the Centre to arrange a time without CLP Co-Ordinator to get started.




Social Groups Galore

What better way to be part of the community than to join an activity with people from the community. We’ve got a number of different activities, from activities with meaningful outcomes that help those down on their luck (ie, Blankets for the Homeless group), to more adventurous and creative activities. See what’s on offer, and we hope to see you there.

Blankets for the Homeless Group

“I thoroughly enjoy my time at the Blanket Group. It motivates me to do work where I see the fruits of my labour first hand.” – Dianna

Cuppa and Cards Group

“I love the social interaction when I play cards every Tuesday. It is a lot of fun and I’ve made some really good friends.” – Lyndell

Disability Art (Artability) Group

“I enjoy colouring!” – Mike

Crochet Group

“Big and engaged group with a lot of different individual crochet projects going on. We learn from and support each other as we make bigger and better things.” – Lorraine

Stroke Support Group

“Everybody loves our morning teas!” – Nate

Craft Group

“A safe place to meet friends, chat and do all kinds of craftwork.” – Janet

Contact us / Feedback

Please fill in the form below if you would like to get in touch with us, or email / call us at the methods made available below. If using the form below, please ensure you that your contact information is correct, or we will not be able to get back to you.