OPAP Services

Message from Bea...

Welcome All to this Spring edition with OPAP. 

In September we attended the Homeless Week Expo as well as the Seniors Expo and both events where deemed a success. The two students Alin and Chene enjoyed the outings and learned to network and discovered how helpful other services are. I thank Alin and Chene for their enthusiasm and the inspiring speeches they gave at the Adult Learners morning tea on September the 5th. I wish them both good luck for the future, they will go far. 

The winners for the gardening competition and the hanging basket competition were announced and we congratulate them on their incredible effort, dedication and passion they have for ‘gardening’. Everyone who has entered in the two competitions deserve to be congratulated for their creativity and the time they invested in their projects. ECCC’s garden is looking amazing and we are proud of our gardening crew, Elizabeth, Carol and Steven. In my opinion, you deserve first prize.


Warm regards, Bea.


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The Aim of OPAP

To provide support to seniors by assisting them through social and personal development activities to promote confidence, self esteem and independence. Linking vulnerable older people to local services and social support networks. Raising awareness of the needs and issues of seniors whilst breaking down the barriers of those who are socially isolated.

OPAP Offers...

  • Broad, flexible, stimulating and strengthening program of activities.
  • Personal activity packages that are customised for client’s needs.
  • Assessment points to support the client towards independent management of their program.
  • Personalised introduction at client’s first activity appointments to lessen anxiety and increase retention.
  • Strengthening agencies work with older people.
  • Provide opportunities for trained volunteers to work within the OPAP program.
  • Community wide celebration of older people’s achievements and contributions.
  • To encourage and support Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and CALD older people to participate in the Program.

OPAP Activities

Social, recreational and educational activities are offered through East Creek Community Centre, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Community bus trips
  • Luncheons
  • Guest Speakers
  • Friendship Support
  • ‘Safety in the Neighbourhood’ Information
  • Morning with the Stars
  • Walking group
  • Eating with Friends Program