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A word from Sally...

Hello Everyone, 

Firstly I would like to offer a huge thanks to everyone who contributed to our recent 30+ party. We had a wonderful day and it was great to see some faces from the past, TOMNET did a great job cooking the BBQ as usual. A big thanks to Allison Page who put in countless hours, typing, testing and editing our cookbook. Allison has done a fantastic job, and we really appreciate the effort that she has put into the book. If you would like to order a book please contact the centre. 


Left:  Derek Tuffield, the centre originally was started by Lifeline                                 Right: TOMNET men hard at work cooking lunch

Our next event is the Biggest Morning Tea in support of Cancer research and patient support. According the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare 1 in 2 Australians are diagnosed with Cancer before the age of 85, so everyone knows someone who has been affected by Cancer.
This morning tea is to raise funds to help people who are affected by Cancer, so come along enjoy some fabulous food, great company and support the community. It is being held on Wednesday the 15th of May from 10.30 am until 12 pm, everyone is welcome.
We are hosting an Info-fest along with Energy Savvy and the Be Connected Program at the centre on the 18th of July from 10.30 am until 2 pm. The day will have information about the programs as well as a host of other service providers with information on all things technology based. Come along and find out what you can do online, how to access services online and how to stay safe online. There will be a free lunch on the day and raffles as well. Contact East Creek Community Centre for more information on 46392755.


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East Creek Activities

Artability (Disability Art Group)

Learn and share your art expertise in our Artability Group. Some equipment supplied, but feel free to bring your own if you wish. 

Wednesday 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Artability Group

Cost: $3.00 (includes afternoon tea)

Stroke Support Group

Meetings are on Thursdays between 9:30am and 11:30am

The group supports both those who have had a stroke and their carers, all are welcome.

For further information call Nancy Hardwick on (07) 4635 5853 or contact the centre on (07) 4639 2755)

Eating with Friends Group (Non-OPAP Clients)

The group meets fortnightly for lunch on Wednesday’s at 12:00 noon (please note, if you are being picked up, you will need to be ready well beforehand, subject to availability)

Sessions for 2019 (Subject to Availability Closer to Date)

30th January – Stock Exchange Hotel – 162 Anzac Avenue, Toowoomba, 4634 1422

13th February – Royal Hotel – 189 Ruthven Street, North Toowoomba, 4632 3782

27th February – Wilsonton Hotel – 40 Richmond Drive, Wilsonton, 4634 2033

13th March – The Garden Resta urant Chinese Cuisine – 732 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, 4635 4555

27th March – Danish Flower Art Coffee Shop – 10347 New England Hwy, Highfields, 4630 8211

10th April – Two Birds – 2 Duggan Street, Toowoomba CBD, 4638 0669

24th April – Cafe Valetta – 96 Margaret Street, Toowoomba, 4632 0332

8th May – Downs Hotel – 23 Brisbane Street, Drayton, 4630 1238

22nd May – Travellers Coffee House, -189 Hume Street, Toowoomba, 4659 9122

5th June – Blue Mountain Hotel – 264 Ruthven Street, Harlaxton, 4632 3258

19th June – Hog’s Breath Cafe – Neil Street, Toowoomba CBD, 4639 1400

3rd July – Cafe 63 (Eastville) – 1 Cohoe Street, East Toowoomba, 1300 63 63 00

17th July – Great Northern – 39 Mort Street, North Toowoomba, 4632 3782

31st July – Fitzi’s on Church – 153 Margaret Street, Toowoomba CBD, 4631 3700

14th August – Thai Royal – 140 South Street, Toowoomba City, 4687 6808

28th August – Highfields Tavern – Crn O’Brian & Highfields Road, Highfields, 4699 6000

11th September – The Federal Hotel – 111 James Street, Toowoomba, 4632 3262

25th September – Gowrie Road Hotel – 208 Bridge Street, Newtown, 4632 5580

9th October – City Golf Club – 254 South Street, 4636 9000

23rd October – New Brew Cafe – 102 Taylor Street, Toowoomba, 0498 010 814

6th November – Toowoomba Sports Club, 360 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba CBD, 4632 0888

20th November – Meringandan Pub (Christmas Lunch), 30 Main Street, Meringandan, 4696 7146

Come and enjoy an affordable meal and a few laughs! We would love your company.

Contact the centre for the latest update. All welcome!

For more details please call Bea on (07) 4639 2755


Computer Lessons (Formerly Broadband for Seniors)

East Creek’s Computer Lessons have been extremely popular lately. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome if they have any general computer, phone, tablet or other serviceable need. There are many benefits in running these classes, and they include:

  • Provide older Australians with access to computers and the Internet via Internet Kiosks
  • Support seniors to gain confidence and build skills in using new technologies (or have existing non-functioning technologies ‘fixed’) at low / no cost.
  • Address the issue of older Australians feeling isolated and ‘left behind’ in a technological age, and build community participation and social inclusion among older Australians

We can work on clients’ own devices, and are open to any and all requests within our capabilities to assist with. Below is a brief breakdown of how Computer Lessons are run at East Creek.

1. Sessions are by appointment only, please ring us on (07) 4639 2755. Emergency appointments can be held for people with issues that are likely to effect the health and wellbeing and or severely effect their livelihood (ie, not able to submit reports to Centrelink etc.) outside of aforementioned hours, but is at the discretion of the tutor.

2. Session costs are negotiable and assessed on a case-by-case basis, but the general rule of thumb is it costs $3.00 if you have low income, or $5.00 otherwise. Our tutors are very understanding, so please do not feel deterred from partaking in computer lessons if you do not have the funds available, or find the session too costly.

3. Sessions involve one-on-one, hour long sessions covering whatever issues you have in the realm of technology (so please come prepared with questions). If we cannot assist you, then we will endeavour to refer you onto an organisation or service that may be able to assist (as they are external to East Creek, those organisations may or may not charge a fee for their services). We can assist you in the following areas;

  • Windows 7/8/10 
  • Mac
  • Android Smartphones / Tablets
  • Iphones / Ipads
  • Antivirus / Internet Security / Avoiding Scams (incl. virus removal)
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Surfing the Web
  • Emails
  • Password Recovery
  • Online Shopping / Online Banking
  • MyGov and related Government Department Requests
  • Troubleshooting and Software Specific Requests (ie, Startup Repairs for when you can’t boot into Windows, specific software not working or giving errors etc.)
  • Hardware (minor only, usually limited to Desktop computers, East Creek is not an established repair organisation and is not an authorised repairer / reseller of major brands)
  • Social Media and Communication (Facebook, Skype etc.)
  • Printers / Scanners / Other Technology (ie, video cameras, photography)
  • Image Manipulation (Photo and Video editing, minor only)
  • Suggest / Provide alternatives or workarounds to solutions that cannot be solved.
  • Anything we missed? Give us a call to confirm to see if we can help…

4. Tutors have varying levels of digital literacy. When making your appointment, we would appreciate you let us know the content you wish for us to assist you with, so we can pair you up with the tutor(s) most suitable to assist you. Furthermore, we will endeavour to get you the most suitable time slot we can, but please understand that it is dependent on tutor availability.

5. While our tutors endeavour to do as much as possible, some tasks will be outside their scope, or may be outside the realms of repair with the amount of time / expertise / tools available to East Creek. In this instance, the tutors reserve a right to not take action on the issue if they feel that their involvement would likely cause additional harm. Furthermore, tutors reserve the right to not take action on an issue if they feel that assisting you would promote further harm to a client, would result in breaking the law, or have any other concerns. 

6. Tutors will proceed with their sessions at a pace dictated by the client. As such, clients are welcome to request repeats of similar content as many times as they feel necessary. Our tutors have excellent communication skills and patience, and operate in a completely non-judgmental and safe environment.

7. Computer lessons can only be provided during operating hours (9:00 am – 4:00 pm on weekdays) at the scheduled appointment time with the appropriate tutor. In some instances, lessons may go slightly overtime. We ask all clients to be patient, we will ensure everyone receives their appointed hour assistance unless external sources dictate otherwise. Some clients may request up to 2 hours in one session, but no more than one formal appointment time per week. If a client is unable to attend the appointment, it is expected that clients call us ahead of time (or get in touch via alternate means) so that the tutor is notified well in advance.

8. In some instances a tutor may be ‘in-training’ and act as an observer. In this instance, the client will be notified and has the right to refuse the ‘in-training’ tutor from observing should they not feel comfortable. 

9. Clients are welcome to bring their own devices for use. 



Community Literacy Program (English Lessons)

Individually tailored programs for Adults in:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Listening and Speaking English
  • Recording Keeping

A brief rundown of the program is as follows;

1. One on hour long lesson permitted per week. You will be required to have an interview with the CLP Coordinator so they can assess your needs and be allocated a tutor to work with. Some paperwork may be involved in this step. You will also be allocated a suitable time to attend the sessions.

2. There is a cost of $3.00 per session.

3. The program is client-oriented, so services will be tailored to your specific needs. Homework may also be set. 

4. All sessions are to occur on Centre grounds. Tutors will not undertake sessions in public areas or client homes. Similarly, they will not occur outside of the Centre’s operating hours.

Please note, failure to call the Centre and notify us that you are unable to make it to the session prior to the session commencing within a reasonable timeframe is not acceptable. Failure to do this on two separate occasions will result in a re-negotiation of your terms of service or potential termination of sessions. Please make sure you let us know if there is some reason you cannot attend a session. 

Anyone wishing to become a volunteer tutor is welcome to contact the Centre on (07) 4639 2755 and ask for Joy.


JP Service

East Creek has a Justice of the Peace available by appointment. If you would like to have documents witnessed or certified, please call the Centre to arrange a time. Ensure that you bring all necessary documentation with you (original documents, copies, the correct legal forms, valid forms of ID etc.), and that you do not sign any documentation that requires witnessing. If you intend to swear an oath, please ensure you bring the appropriate religious text to swear on as well, as the Centre does not have copies of appropriate text.

Please be advised that the JP can offer support on documents they are experienced or trained in, but that should not constitute legal advice. If you require legal advice, please consult a solicitor, or contact TASC or Legal Aid as per the instructions on the ‘Community Services’ tab.  Furthermore, the JP reserves the right to not sign any documentation if you do not have enough supporting evidence, or there is some discernible reason as to why signing a given document could not be certified / witnessed in good faith (ie, if a person is under duress when signing by another party, they fail to understand what they are signing, they are not the appropriate person to do the signing, the document is not in a specified legal format, there is an underlying motive etc.)

In some instances where documents take a long time to certify (ie, certifying each page of the EPAs or other time consuming endeavour), the JP may request that you return at an arranged time for you to collect your documents.

Nelly's Singing Group

Energy Savvy


Energy Savvy is a joint venture between Government, Ergon, QCOSS (Queensland Council of Social Services) and City Smart. It is designed to help the low income earner to check how they are using electricity, are they receiving the rebates they are entitled to, are they experiencing hardship and who to contact, do they know what tariffs they are presently are they the right fir for them, and what each section of their bill means. The programme promotes the installation of a smart meter that reads monthyly rather than quarterly, thus decreasing bill shock and monthly account is easier to pay than a quarterly. The smart meter also allows the person to check their daily usage and set a budget. Please come to “Information Fest”, find those services you’ve been looking for and some that you didn’t know even existed.